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Nancy & Bernardo’s Stories & Words with a vision so pure – got to piece them all together!
Did we suffer? Did we dream? – Ride the wave on in ...

A Journey through a Forrest of sounds
Sarah – it’s 8pm, do you know where your ULF is?
Traveling between lands we’re blessed with Nathaniel the Renaissance Man 
And Carlos the Jack of all Trades – Pig & Whistle huh?

Sammie makes the sun rise & Dane makes the moon vibrate, vibrant in an ocean of sounds 
Backed by Kyle, Karl, Ulf, Johnny – the one night only Super Duper Global Bandstand

Claudia looking pure as porcelain she glides across the floor like ice, don’t get caught up in her glare
Cause like the ice she is the blade, cross her and she will slice
Gabriella the most beautiful/dangerous thing in Mississippi… 
Ain’t that right Gary? It’s all that switchin’ with them hips – “Just so Hot!”

Leslie and Tené everywhere and anywhere – “Oh My God” – My muse, my inspiration, our spirits, and our vessels
Ana Maria you honor me/us with your grace and presence, and as I watch you transform into a beautiful Maggie
Maggie how I wish I could experience your first-hand passion cross worlds, cross universes 
I watch myself transform, and am blessed to know the spirit is in Armando’s hands

Justin, my brother from another mother, Thank YOU, thank you –
 Also honored to know you ... blossom into the power of Brian’s smooth money voice

Our ever present Crew, brothers in arms, the unsung heroes of the battlefield, today we praise you
Because you are in integral part in making this possible, a cog on the wheel that will never stop turning, NEVER
We continue to pick up ferocity and we thank you

Black, white, negro, mestizo, salt, pepper, bembon, mixed blood / SAME BLOOD, SHARED

Blood floating down a river, we drink from it together, traveling across worlds and universes together
Dreaming together, sharing stories in exile, separation only to return, exchanging letters we discover worlds
Returning and delivering culture

in FREEDOM we PLAY, in FREEDOM we DANCE to the music of a nation, with words that change the world
From Cuba to NY – Jazz & Son – we got The Revolution Blues, we got the I dream For More Blues, we got The Blues, 
We got Colors, we got Each Other, connected we fight, and we SHARE, share an epic tale!

So I ask that you continue to SHARE with me, Lean on me knowing that I will Lean back
Give with me, and Fly with me, cause all I ever wanted is to see us Soar, 
Soaring together – Bathing in a Lunar Eclipse, fading in and out, becoming ETERNAL
Each person is a mirror, shine a light on that person and they will shine it back
Shine YOUR LIGHT on every person in that room 
And you will be the BRIGHTEST thing there…

Thank You

Chris Rivas  ©2010
all rights reserved

“Wonderful production ...You deserve recognition for commissioning Langston & Nicolás...

the reasons you stated for forming TownStreet and conceiving the play are very noteworthy...

You all are doing an exceptional job!”

“I've never seen anything like this.”


“Everyone was in the moment – all the actors were fantastic!”


“The choreography and music were amazing...”


“The set and projections were awesome...” 

“I loved this play.”


“Bravo! Superb!”


“Brilliant direction!”


“I was so moved by this piece...”


“I liked the readings and really dug the production...”


Interactive Flyer
Spoken Word Nites
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“Intelligent theatre.

How refreshing...”

“I want to make sure my grandchildren see this piece...”

TST’s "Langston and Nicolás" is a fine production. Bernardo Solano's script tells a great story that skilled direction allowed the actors to present very well supported by first-rate production values.

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Backstage West Critic’s Pick!

Director Nancy Davis has fashioned a masterful production, smartly designed and lit by Nathaniel Bellamy, splendidly costumed by Nancy Reneé, and featuring an incredibly contagious original score by Dane Diamond

A gripping and historical true story, a huge and colorful multiracial cast,

hot blooded music, dance and poetry, and lots of heartfelt emotion.

... a fabulous and exciting journey ...

What’s not to love? Make a point of seeing this one!

“It’s really important to let people know the shared history of African Americans and Latinos.”

Nancy, Nathaniel & Nancy,

It was good to see the three of you on Saturday night still carrying out

the dream. I wanted to CONGRATULATE Towne Street Theatre on your

17 years of providing Los Angeles with on-going theatrical programming and

COMMEND you for your commitment to artists of color and for providing a

platform for those artists to develop and to present their work.

I wish you much success with Langston & Nicolás.

Adleane Hunter


Interactive Flyer
Spoken Word Nites
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“Casting directors (Nancy Cheryll Davis and Veronica Thompson) get an A for the casting of Justin Alston and Brian Evaret Chandler as the younger and older Langston Hughes, respectively. They both give solid performances and are remarkably similar in appearance and speech, making the passage of time virtually seamless.

...standout performances, most notably Tené Carter Miller in the moving Hughes poem ‘The Negro Mother.’

The set and lighting by Nathaniel Bellamy incorporates some of the most visually engaging use of audio-visual I have seen in small theater. Kudos also to Nancy Reneé for her extensive assortment of period costumes. Maggie Palomo helped make the dialects as true to life as possible...”

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